Your email and first name are all we collect. GDPR compliance considers the collecting of an email and first name as non-sensitive and non-identifying, making GDPR compliance irrelevant to our efforts here at does not store your data. These two non-sensitive forms of data are initially processed and securely stored 24 hours a day exclusively at 3rd party entity, and are fully accessible by only the administrators and our appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO) here at It is worth noting that, being a globally known company is indeed fully GDPR compliant. is a world leader in email communications and fills our needs in reaching our new contacts and protecting their data flawlessly.

We collect first name and email data (only) on you in order to reach you via email to advise you of the various benefits that MyDigital6 may offer and to update you on any changes that may occur within our opportunity program. We also reach you on occasion to advice of any free tools and gifts we may offer in the name of online marketing or income creation.

We only do this once you have fully opted-in to our email communications program via the dual opt-in procedure, thereby giving us full permission to do so. This common double opt-in procedure is universally can spam compliant and represents the highest available standards in obtaining new contacts ongoing.

Additionally, each email we send offers a simplistic way for any contact to immediately cease further communication from our program at any moment they deem necessary.

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